2024 Madrid Nature Speaks' Chemical Planet

The highly anticipated Nature Speaks/ Chemical Planet exhibition, the third solo show by artist Richard Gene Barbera, is slated to open in January 2024 at the prestigious Gallery de Aciegas in the heart of Madrid art center. This provocative new body of work continues Gene's renowned Nature Speaks series, where he employs unconventional materials and processes to express the beauty and fragility of the natural world.

For NS_Chemical Planet, Gene pushes his art practice into bold new territory, utilizing an array of experimental techniques including silkscreen printing, splashed and splattered paint effects, and tar on paper. His large-scale mixed media works on display will highlight both striking colors and thick, textured surfaces to evoke natural forms and landscapes.

By incorporating these innovative methods with tar, a viscous, dark material often associated with industrial pollution, He aims to juxtapose the splendor of nature with human-caused environmental damage. This latest collection of paintings and prints serves as a stark reminder of the harmful man-made elements encroaching upon our planet.  Chemical Planet promises to deliver a breathtaking visual feast while underscoring Gene's longstanding commitment to promoting sustainability and conservation through his art.